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        Aura-soma Colour and Reflexology

Course presented by Janice Hill

ASIACT certified Practitioner Renewal Process Course

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To hold the feet in your hands is to hold the soul/sole in your hands - to see an Aura-Soma Equilibrium bottle selection is to look into the soul. A 'Connection' is established on all levels between Reflexology, 'the soul/sole of the feet' and Aura-soma, 'the mirror of the soul.'

- a system that works with the reflexes in the feet that correspond to all the glands, organs and parts of the body. The feet accurately reflect the state of the mind, body and soul and provide valuable insights to the inner needs of the being.

- a divinely inspired colour system of essential oils, herbal extracts, gems and crystals and the living energies of colour. You are the colours you choose, they reflect your being's needs. The Aura-Soma colour selection enhances the insights revealed on the feet.

Discover the colours of the soul reflected in the feet

Course Content. . .

An introduction to:
  • History of colour and light, Reflexology and Zone Therapy
  • Aura-Soma as a Colour System and Soul Therapy
  • The language of colour - symbology and resonance
  • The language of the feet with Reflexology
  • Reflexology, how it works, benefits, reactions and contraindications

(Hill & Abraham)
"Feet, as windows to the mind and soul,
provide many answers to ease the disease."

(Stormer, 1995, p.7)

Theory and practical of:
  • The selection, interpretation and use of the Aura-Soma colours with the reflexes of the feet. (This is the main part of the course)
  • Balance the endocrine system with colour through the feet
  • Lifetime experience massage on the feet using colour
  • Pinpoint the chakras on the feet in relation to colour
  • The use of Aura-Soma pomanders & quintessensses with Reflexology and how they work in the energetic field
  • A full basic Reflexology sequence
Participants will. . .
  • Gain an understanding of the physical characteristics mirrored onto the feet, and the relationship of this to the Aura-Soma colours chosen.
  • Gain practical experience with the reflexes of the feet and Aura-Soma Colour.

The course enables the participant to use the knowledge and practical application gained, on family, friends, and clients as well as further development of an existing practise.

This course is offered to all levels of Aura-Soma Students/Practitioners/Teachers as an accredited Practitioner Renewal Process Course as well as a postgraduate course for Reflexologists and Natural Therapy Practitioners.

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